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Students play Stock Market Challenge during My Money Week

21st July 2010

During My Money Week over 40 schools took part in Stock Market Challenge events up and down the country.  The week, which ran from June 28th to July 4th, provided a nationwide focus on financial capability for young people in primary and secondary schools throughout England.  My Money Week is co-ordinated by pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group).

There were seven venues hosting Stock Market Challenge events, with schools from London and the South East, Central and Eastern England and the North East.

PFEG Consultant Helena Mullins said, “I worked with ten schools in events in London and the South East and was delighted with the response of the students taking part in Stock Market Challenge.  Both girls and boys were enthusiastically engaged as they learnt about the risk-return trade-offs of investing in the stock market and also benefitted from the opportunities that the Stock Market Challenge resource provides for developing and applying Maths skills.”

Discussing the financial implications

Discussing the financial implications


Roy Lewis, HSBC Bank

Mark Quayle, Head of Business
The Manchester College

John Breen, Employability Officer
Bannerman High School

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